Ilse can read baby’s and the best part of that: all babies speak the same language. Basically, they make the same sounds whether they’re hungry, tired, crancky, in pain of need comfort. It’s good to visit Babypractice Ilse, even if English is your tongue. Ilse adapts easily to her customers.

We live in a growing area and that means an increase in the number of expats, for example of Philips and ASML. Ilse: “Of course, expats get children. All mothers search for relaxing activities for their babies. In addition, they want to come in contact with other mothers and learn more about their babies. Through my practice I help mothers in their contacts with other moms and bring activities close to them. Whether you speak Dutch or English.”

When booking a relaxing baby spa, you can indicate whether you want to be spoken to in Dutch or English and Ilse will take this into account. It is therefore possible that a Dutch mother hears the course or instruction in English. Of course, this is always in consultation. For me there is no language barrier and from my own little research, usually neither for my clients. It is actually very conducive to contacts. It’s nice to look outside your own circle and meet new people.”

At Babypractice Ilse you can go for a wonderfully relaxing baby spa or a baby massage course. Let your child float in the special Baby Jacuzzi or provide deep relaxation by making physical contact with your child. “Online I give the baby language course to understand your child even better. For all activities of my practice, I can be of service to both Dutch-speaking and English-speaking parents. Also, for the one-on-one guidance at home that I offer, you can choose the tongue.”

Do you have a neighbour or someone in your circle of acquaintances whom you would like to experience the range of Babypractice Ilse? Then feel free to take her with you or give a gift voucher for a treatment in the baby spa.

Please feel free to contact Babypractice Ilse for more information: info@babypraktijkilse.nl or 06-1380 6345.

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